Trick to create string with HTML tags in PHP

June 9, 2009

If you are too lazy to perform stripping any kind of  ‘forbidden’ tags in string, like ‘<?’ or ‘ ” ‘ symbol, this is a method:



$str = <<<EOD
<p>Welcome! Today is the <?php echo(date(‘jS’)); ?> of <?= date(‘F’); ?>.</p>
Text “outside” of the HTML block.

echo $str;


It gonna makes your job faster, right? 😉

PHP function to create your own custom YM status

June 9, 2009

This is a quick simple method to create your own custom YM picture status.

Pictures below are just default and ordinary status from Yahoo. Let’s create our own status picture.



if (!function_exists(getStatusYM)) {
function getStatusYM ($yahoo_id, $user_name, $image_online, $image_offline) {
$pageurl = “;.$yahoo_id.”&m=a&t=1″;

$file = @fopen($pageurl, “r”);
$read = @fread($file, 200);
$read = ereg_replace($yahoo_id, “”, $read);

if ($y = strstr ($read, “00”)) {
$online = false;
elseif ($y = strstr ($read, “01”)) {
$online = true;

@fclose ($file);

echo ‘<div align=”center”><a href=”ymsgr:sendIM?’.$yahoo_id.'”>’;

if ($online) {
echo ‘<img src=”‘.$image_online.'” border=”0″ alt=”‘ . $user_name . ‘ is online” title=”‘ . $user_name . ‘ is online” />’;
else {
echo ‘<img src=”‘.$image_offline.'” border=”0″ alt=”‘ . $user_name . ‘ is offline” title=”‘ . $user_name . ‘ is offline” />’;

echo ‘</a></div>’;

getStatusYM (“frozenade”, “Frozenade McForsaken (Webmaster)”, “images/online.png”, “images/offline.png”);


How to create and add cool tooltips into web page

May 8, 2009

To create fading tooltips is easy cake.
Here are the steps:

  1. Download MooTools JavaScript framework from it’s website, or you can find it inside this archive.
  2. Include CSS file, tooltips.css.
  3. Include JS file, tooltips.js.
  4. Make sure an image file named bubble.png is in images folder.
  5. And finally you need to add class=”tooltip” and title=”Tooltip Title :: Description goes here” on every HTML object you want to have tooltip on it.

Download the full example here.

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.91

January 6, 2009

Download link:
Update Build 2:

How to Embed Music in a PowerPoint Presentation

December 19, 2008
  1. In PowerPoint, highlight the slide where you want the music to start.
  2. From the menu, choose:



  3. Browse in dialog box to choose music file. Answer “Do you want your sound to play automatically in the slide show?”
  4. You will see a sound icon on your slide. Reposition icon.


  5. To adjust playback options, right-click sound icon and choose CUSTOM ANIMATION. Choose EFFECT OPTION from drop-down list.


  6. PowerPoint will automatically embed supported sound files up to 100K in size. Files larger than the default setting will be linked, not embedded.
  7. To increase the default to 50,000K in size, choose:



  8. In the OPTIONS dialog box, select the GENERAL tab. Change 100 Kb to any number up to 50,000 Kb. Click OK.


  9. Files larger than the selected size will be linked, not embedded. You must copy linked files with your presentation file to transport your presentation. Embedded sound files are part of your presentation file.