Download, Install, Configure, Run and Use psyBNC


psyBNC is a software which could enabling you to use your Shell IP for IRC needs and as development of BNC.

What are advantages of psyBNC? You can be protected from winukes and flood, and your nick will be online in 24 hours.

To install psyBNC, you need:
1. A shell account active in 24 hours
2. TCL libraries support in your shell account
3. You can use some commands in Linux
4. Understanding about IRC
5. Get the newest source of psyBNC

How to install psyBNC:
1. Download psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz
Command: wget or
lynx or
2. Extract file
Command: tar -zxvf psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz or
unzip psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz or
gunzip psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz
3. Enter into your psyBNC directory
Command: cd psyBNC
4. Type ./configure
5. Type make menuconfig, then follow installation instructions
6. Type make

Edit config file
psyBNC.SYSTEM.PORT1=5000 (port psyBNC) psyBNC.SYSTEM.ME=psyBNC Crew psyBNC.SYSTEM.HOST1=* psyBNC.HOSTALLOWS.ENTRY0=*;* USER0.USER.NICK=your-nick USER0.USER.USER=full name USER0.USER.PASS=your-password USER0.USER.LOGIN=login/username

Run psyBNC
To run psyBNC, type ./psyBNC psyBNC.conf (psyBNC.conf is your configuration file name)

How to use psyBNC
* Open chat client program like mIRC or pIRCh
* Type /server 5000 (5000 is you psyBNC port)
* Type /quote pass
* Type /bhelp

Happy chatting, enjoy! 😉

2 Responses to Download, Install, Configure, Run and Use psyBNC

  1. Ewald says:

    it isn”t working 😦

    ewald@ubuntu:~/psybnc$ ./psyBNC psyBNC.conf
    bash: ./psyBNC: Bestand of map bestaat niet

  2. pain says:

    thank you for good tutorial man, after read step by step now im able use pysbnc on irc server.

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