Internet IRC Chat Abbreviations – Acronyms (Part II)

I.E. That Is
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
IANALBIPOOTV I Am Not A Lawyer But I Play One On TV
IANALBIPOTV I am Not A Lawyer But I Play One on TV
IAW In Another Window
IAY I Adore You
IAYT I Adore You Too
IB I’m Back
IC In Character
ICBW It Could Be Worse
ICCL I Could Care Less
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
IDK I Don’t Know
IDTS I Don’t Think So
IGP I Gotta Pee
IHARIMT I Have A Rumbly In My Tumbly
IIS Internet Information Server
IJASKAW I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Wookie
IJASKAW I Just As Soon Kiss A Wookie
ILU I Love You
ILU2 I Love You Too
ILUL I Love You Lots
ILUT I Love You Too
ILY I LoveYou
ILY2 I Love You Too
ILYL I Love You Lots
ILYT I Love You Too
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IMY I Miss You
INC Incorporated
INC. Incorporated
IRL In Real Life
IRMC I Rest My Case
IRT In Real Time
ISP Internet Service
ITB It’s The Bomb
ITMOHE If The Monitor Only Had Eyes
IUSS If You Say So
IW It’s Worse
IWALU I Will Always Love You
IWALY I Will Always Love You
IWMU I Will Miss You
IWMY I Will Miss You
IWYWH I Wish You Were Here
IYD In Your Dreams
IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean
IYO In Your Opinion
IYSS If You Say So
JADB Just Another Drive By
JAS Just A Sec
JB Juke Box
JCVD Jean Claude Van Damme
JJA Just Joking Around
JK Just Kidding
JMHO Just My Humble Opinion
JMO Just My Opinion
JOTL Joy Of The Lord
JTLUK Just To Let you Know
JTLYK Just To Let You Know
JTUMLTK Just Thought You Might Like To Know
JTYMLTK Just Thought You Might Like To Know
KBD Keyboard
KJV King James Version
KOC Kiss On Cheek
KOL Kiss On Lips
KOTC Kiss On The Cheek
KOTFH Kiss On The ForeHead
KOTH Kiss On The Hand
KOTL Kiss On The Lips
KTF Keep The Faith
KTLF Keep The Lord First
LB Pound
LB. Pound
LBS Pounds
LBS. Pounds
LDTO Let’s Ditch This One
LDWPKOL Long Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips
LHM Lord Help Me
LHO Laughing Head Off
LHU Lord Help Us
LMAO Laughing My Booty Off
LMC Let Me Check
LOFLOL Lying On the Floor Laughing Out Loud
LOL Hee hee hee hee
LOLRTPP Laughing Out Load Ready To Pee Pants
LOTFLOL Laying On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
LSHIAPM Laughing So Hard I Almost Peed Myself
LSHICT Laughing So Hard I Can’t Type
LSHIH Laughing So Hard It Hurts
LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSHMSH Laughing So Hard My Sides Hurt
LSKOL Long Slow Kiss On the Lips
LSKOTL Long Slow Kiss On The Lips
LTM Laughing To Myself
LTMS Laughing To Myself
LTNS Long Time No See
LTS Laughing To Self
LUAC Lighting Up A Cigarette
LUWAMH Love You With all My Heart
LY Love Ya
LYLAB Love You Like A Brother
LYLAS Love You Like A Sister
LYMY Love You Miss You
LYWAMH Love You With All My Heart
MD. Maryland
MDT Mountain Daylight Time
MFG Manufacturing
MFG. Manufacturing
MHIFOE My hovercraft is full of eels
MI. Michigan
MIA Missing In Action
MJF Michael J. Fox
MM MultiMedia
MNC Mother Nature Calls
MNC Mother Nature Calls
MP Military Police
MPH Miles Per Hour
MST Mountain Standard Time
MT My Time
NASV New American Standard Version
NC North Carolina
NCTO Now Cut That Out
NH New Hampshire
NIITB Nip It In The Bud
NIV New International Version
NJ New Jersey
NKJV New King James Version
NM New Mexico
NMH Not Much Here
NNIHAH Not Now I Have A Headache
NP No Problem
NRN No Response Necessary
NS Netscape
NSD Never Say Die
NSW New South Wales
NTFL No Time For Love
NTP Need To Pee
NU New Users
NV Nevada
NW No Way
NY New York
NZ New Zealand
OB Oh Baby
OD Over Drive
OJT On The Job Training
OLL Only Laughing a Little
OMB On My Back
OMG Oh My God
OO Over and Out
OOC Out Of Character
OOTD One Of These Days
OS Operating System
OTOH On The Other Hand
OTTOMH Off The Top Of my Head
PC Personal Computer
PDQ Pretty Darn Quick
PDS Please Don’t Shout
PDT Pacific Daylight Saving Time
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEBCK Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
PIC Picture
PKG Package
PKG. Package
PKOC Passionate Kiss On the Cheek
PKOL Passionate Kiss On the Lips
PLS Please
PLZ Please
PMFI Problem Magically Fixed Itself
PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
PML Page Me Later
POAHF Put On A Happy Face
PPL People
PSB Pretty Stupid Boy
PSG Pretty Stupid Girl
PST Pacific Standard Time
PTL Praise The Lord
PTLAPTA Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
PW PowWow
PW PowWow
PXT Please Explain That
QT Cutie


4 Responses to Internet IRC Chat Abbreviations – Acronyms (Part II)

  1. Trin (Ben's Wife) says:

    what does TK mean

  2. Frozenade says:

    TK mean Truk, Tank or could be Tokelau. A top level domain free service.

  3. jacob says:

    what does omw and mwhaz mean?

  4. frozenade says:

    hi jacob

    OMW means On My Way
    MWHAZ means kissing
    when someone sends it it means its a kiss
    and its the sound of the kiss
    it can also be written as mwah or mwaaa

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