Scam! Scam Scam!


I really pissed-off while I knew that some of PTR programs I have joined are just SCAMS!

I have deleted them. I really sorry for this inconvenience. I will try my best to select and make a proof that the rests are true.

These are list for few of scams:


6 Responses to Scam! Scam Scam!

  1. rpgman1 says:

    That is a lot sites for them to be scams. Wow, I really need to redo my blog on some of those sites. Thank you for the list. Now I know which ones are scams.

  2. rpgman1 says:

    Is and scam sites as well? I check their IP locations and they’re at the same location. There are other sites too on their banners that are at the same location as these two.

  3. frozenade says:

    yes, ptr-enterprise is SCAM!

    but i don’t know much about I searched the web and found this link

    so, there’s a possibility that is SCAM too..

  4. sudip says:

    thank you for the information. i was about to register @ but now i’ll never. and do u know anything about are they reliable?

  5. Mike Swift says: intend to shake up the HYIP industry by being one of a small handful of monitors who report immediately when an hYIP stops paying, there are far too many HYIP monitor sites that are either owned by the HYIP’s or are paid by the HYIP’s to say that they are paying when in fact they are not.

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