How To Create An IRC Channel In Easy Way (Super Wizard)

For you people who want to create your own IRC channel at DALnet server, this is super simple way to create one.

– You must register your nickname first. Type: /ns REGISTER <password> <email>

– Check your email, then paste the available verification code in command line of your IRC client, e.g: mIRC, X-Chat. For example: /ns AUTH frozenade R2162003042152963

– To prevent another person using your nick, paste this line: /ns SET ENFORCE ON

– To add an URL to your nick info list, paste this line: /ns SET URL (for example)

– Join the channel you want to ‘found’. For example: /j #jesusrocks

If you lucky, then you will be opped in that channel, signed with ‘@’ on front of your nickname.

– Register the your channel. Type: /cs REGISTER #<channel> <description> <channelpassword>

– Done!

Then, just paste these lines (first line is example, change the URL to your own):

/cs SET #jesusrocks URL
/cs SET #
jesusrocks OPGUARD ON
/cs SET #
jesusrocks VERBOSE ON
/cs SET #jesusrocks KEEPTOPIC ON
/cs SET #jesusrocks TOPICLOCK SOP
/cs SET #jesusrocks MLOCK +nt-ispklm


– To show user info, type /ns INFO <username> e.g: /ns INFO frozenade
– To show channel info, type /cs INFO #<channelname> e.g: /cs INFO #jesusrocks

Main option of pre-command is CS and NS.
CS is ChanServ, NS is NickServ

Don’t worry, all commands is in-case sensitive.

If there is something you want to ask, don’t be hesitate to stick some comments out. 😉


4 Responses to How To Create An IRC Channel In Easy Way (Super Wizard)

  1. Jakob says:

    Heej I cannot register, it says “NickServ- You cannot use non alpha-numeric characters in your email address.”… So i dont really understand how come I cant register… Please help me 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks for the tutorial dude, just saved me a load time :D.

  3. Cyanide says:

    To jakob: You don’t put the in it. he’s just telling you where to put stuff. Just press space and type in the password and email. otherwise ur password will be . And it won’t be jakob2 like you think. Just helping you. I had the same problem.

  4. lolo says:

    great help …. thank you very much

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