Space Invader Java Game

Due to request from a friend named Joshua, then this is a Space Invader game written in Java. Here you go.. 😉

Download link:


2 Responses to Space Invader Java Game

  1. Joshua says:

    This is an awsome game but i need help building a more basic one for beginers

    ive managed to get :
    -my gun (rectangle at the bottom) to move left and right and shoot a bullet
    -bullets travel up
    -enemy cirlces spawn at the top and move left to right and dissapear
    -collision works, game over works when ur un out of bullets + enemies

    When i kill an enemy (the enemy and the bullet dissapear)but if an enemy goes over the previous kill it counts as another kill too! or any othe rbullet that goes over the previous collision will dissapear….

    and i cant get my score to +10 every collision …

    plz add me to msn, any help would be amazing. its an assignment for school. Im fairly satisified with a 85-90% but if you can help get me 100% that would be awsome

  2. frozenade says:

    Hi Joshua,
    I really like to help you, but unfortunately I am very very busy right now to doing my final assignment in my college. ‘Cause I am a student too.

    I’m just spare my time just about 10 minutes a day to get update on internet, and it’s really to short, ’cause the rest I use to doing my project which is very important for me.

    Once again, I really really sorry.. 😦

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