Astrology Application with JAVA

This is an astrology application created with JAVA JDK6u1. I name it ‘Mbah Dukun’. Now in version 1.4.2 Beta3 RC1.

– Always on top
– Center screen running
– Show shio picture in every new session
– Reset to default
– Exit program
– Available in native mode with splash screen

Available in Bahasa Indonesia only. Sorry, I’m too lazy to perform toggle translation. 😀
Contribution in english is welcome. I’ll add you the the credit and join me for the next update development.

Download it from here:

Do not be hesitate to give me any suggestion, complain, etc.

3 Responses to Astrology Application with JAVA

  1. What about I help to translate in Russian & Ukrainian (it’s my native lang’s) ?

  2. frozenade says:

    my pleasure. please, i welcome you. 😉

  3. Yong Lillie says:

    I just wanted to call out how great your writing skills are 😉

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