Mooomy! I am a bachelor!

After about 4 years, Finally, I finished my study in STMIK Banjarbaru at Technics of Informatics. Yesterday, January 31st, there was a graduation ceremony in Arum Hotel’s Ballroom, Kalimantan Selatan (South Borneo). I celebrated my graduation as The Best Graduate at Commencement, with IPK (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif) or GPA 3,73 of 4,00. Congratulation to me. Hehe.. 😀

You can take a look at STMIK Banjarbaru website for the news. Note that my real GPA is 3,73, but due to my some subjects score are not entered correctly, so there’s just 3,70. But, that will be corrected soon.

My graduation ceremony gallery will available soon on my Friendster.

I thank to GOD very very much for the blesses and the talents. Also, for my parents. I can’t describe all of their kindness, thank you. And for my best friend, Femy, thank you very much for being a such kind of best friend. I love you, I miss you. 🙂

I hope I can get a job suitable with my study, major and skills in computer knowledge. Soon. 😉

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