Cobol: Not Dead Yet!

I was kinda shocked when I knew that it does still exist and used in many companies. It’s very old programming languange. It’s been 49 years.

Formerly, I put underestimated to this language. I thought that it will be put in the museum. But, I got wrong.

There are good reasons why Cobol still runs many of the world’s largest data centers.

(Computerworld) — Until a few months ago, the clearing and billing system for NYSE Group Inc.’s stock options exchange consisted of about 800 discrete Cobol programs running on an IBM mainframe. Today, the entire application set has migrated onto a pair of clustered, quadprocessor Windows servers. The recompiled programs remain in Cobol today, but they won’t stay there for long.

“It’s not our long-term goal to remain running the Cobol applications. That was a tactical move, designed to slide the existing applications off of the mainframe with as little disruption as possible,” says Steven Hirsch, vice president of technology support at the stock exchange. Within the next few years, he expects everything to be rewritten to conform to the NYSE’s standard development platforms: Java and C. What’s more, other Cobol-based systems that power the New York Stock Exchange are “deeply engaged in a similar replatforming effort,” Hirsch says.

NYSE isn’t the only organization that would like to abandon Cobol. Of 352 respondents to a recent Computerworld survey of IT managers, 218 — or 62% — said they use Cobol. Of those 218 respondents, 36% said they plan to gradually migrate off of it and 25% said that they would do so if it weren’t for the expense of rewriting all of that code.

So what’s wrong with Cobol? The technology, which has been around since 1960, is rock-solid. It excels at batch processing and is practically self-documenting, and tools for it have not only been modernized but also support distributed systems. Vendor Micro Focus International Ltd. even offers Cobol.Net, a part of its Net Express offering that fits neatly into Microsoft Corp’s .Net Framework and integrates with the Visual Studio suite of programming tools.

I searched the COBOL thing, then I was really SHOCKED! Cobol is implemented in many thing. Cobol with IDE, Cobol with NET (ASP.NET Applications using COBOL) and XML, Cobol in Mac, Cobol in Linux, even in Visual Studio. Then, Cobol with SQL.

What the…

Man! I thought you already dead, pal!

6 Responses to Cobol: Not Dead Yet!

  1. uwiuw says:

    aduh cobol…itumah waktu bahasa pemograman sangat suit dan barbar…mungkin ada sebelum sy lahir hahaha tapi artikel nostalgia jg ya ?

  2. frozenade says:

    betul, pada awalnya sy sinis bgt ma makhluk yg satu ini tapi pendapat sy berubah saat tau klo ternyata cobol masih terus dikembangkan hingga sekarang, bahkan merambah ke .NET. sulit dipercaya memang, umurnya tua bgt. bahkan ayah sy masih berumur 15 thn klo cobol diciptakan. 🙂

  3. J. Donner says:

    uwiuw and frozenade, pretty stupid or should I say -selfish- of you guys to reply in your own language instead of the language the article was written in. You don’t see me talking my own language, now do you?

  4. frozenade says:

    @ J. Donner

    No, we are clever. 😀

    I speak 2 languages, Indonesian and English. If somebody reply in Indonesian then I too, If somebody reply in English then I too. It doesn’t matter who talking to.

    Why so SERIOUS..???

  5. After reading the article, I feel that I need more info. Can you share some more resources ?

  6. Mirko Filipovic needs to hang up the gloves and ride into the sunset. Its time to say goodbye my friend.

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