Is this what Windows 7 looks like?

Evidence is mounting that Microsoft has really given a select group of testers/partners an early look at the next version of the Windows Operating System. The other day a member of the Neowin forum posted a brief review of Windows 7 before deleting his comments. And now a Chinese web site has posted what could be real live pictures of Windows 7.

Overall, these shots of Windows 7 (or an artist’s fictional rendition thereof) show an operating system that looks a lot like Windows Vista. That’s not particularly surprising, since Windows 7 won’t be launched for at least another two years. Odds are most of the changes would be under the hood at this point.

The images do show a few difference. For example, you can display hidden items in the system tray through a new pop up window. The Control Panel features some rearranged menus, and the display properties dialog for changing screen resolutions looks pretty awesome. Check out the screenshots after the jump.

Welcome center

Desktop Gadgets

Control Panel

Display Properties

Windows PowerShell

Start Menu

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