How to show custom web status picture of Yahoo Messenger

Online presence allows people to see if you are currently online and using Yahoo! Messenger. To add online presence, you simply need to add some HTML to your web page.
If a Yahoo! Messenger user clicks your online presence, an instant message window will open for them so they can type you an instant message.

Prepare this code:

<a href="ymsgr:sendIM?frozenade">
<img border=0 src="
frozenade&amp;m=g&amp;t=1" /></a>

Please notice for bold text above. Then change to yours.

For t=1, you can change the value according these pictures:

To see the result, just take a look at right of this page. 😉

Good luck!

8 Responses to How to show custom web status picture of Yahoo Messenger

  1. leoganda says:

    Hi guys. I’ve found Yahoo custom image status. With this we are allowed to customize status image. Doesnt need plugin for installation, just copy and paste html code. Support with jpg, png, and gif. Ive used this, and putted on my blog. Very easy… try

  2. leoganda says:

    just info, your status online doesnt work. Just click at your status. It has wrong URL.

    The problem is doesn’t support “ymsgr:sendIM” code. Check in your widget, syntax ‘ymsgr’ is disappear.

    If you are using “ymsgr:sendIM” it will be okay if you are using your own hosting.

  3. frozenade says:

    you’re right leoganda. free wp hosting doesn’t support this code, i know. coz actually i didn’t mention it to put on wp. i just said “custom web status picture”, right?

    anyway, your code (for wp) just work on yahoo web messenger, right 😉
    but, i really thank you 4 sharing such valuable info here. i really appreciate it. 🙂

    thanks leoganda!

  4. leoganda says:

    Yeap, Y! stat online for just available at Yahoo web messenger.
    too many restriction hosted at :p

  5. ricky says:

    helloooo.. thx ya info nya bagus2 artikel nie nya…

  6. Jeetendra says:

    Hey Its cool but I want to put my own image rather than the image provided by yahoo. Is that possible???

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