What? A Computer Virus Spread To Humans?

November 12, 2007


Connect to Database

September 8, 2007

This is my another joke, how to connecting COF to MyJKR database. JKR is JoKeR. For you MySQL, you are my truly love, too… 😉

Once again, just joking. No heart feeling, please… 🙂 😀

$server = "GOD";
$db = "bless";
$user = "human";
$pass = "faith";

$conn = myjkr_connect($server,$user,$pass) or die ("cannot connect to GOD");

myjkr_select_db(”$db”, $conn);

Circle of Life

September 8, 2007

This is NOT programming. I’m just bored and tired with tedious PHP code. Just joking! 😉

This simple code is inspired from PHP. I love you PHP. You are my truly love… 😀

<?COF //circle of life
for ($i=0; $i<=sizeof($life); $i++)
if ($godwill == "true")
echo "where am i now?";

$afterlife = "heaven or hell";